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Hall of Fame Awards

Greater Washington Fastpitch Softball Hall of Fame Awards

William Kaiser Achievement
Julie Burket                                                                  1984
Maurice Watson*                                                          1985
Burley Coulter                                                                1988
Betty Underwood                                                         1990
Tommy Orndorff                                                           1993
Honorary member
Charles Brotman                                                           1990
Special Recognition
Earl Hunsicker                                                                1975
Carter Baum*                                                                  1976
Bob Swartzel*                                                                 1976
Hal Piercy                                                                     1976
Ralph Frey, Jr.*                                                              1982
Marci Whitehead                                                          1991
Kelly Shipman                                                                 1995
Greg Wims                                                              2003
Jennifer Beekman                                                          2008
High School Player of the Year
Kara Brotemarkle            Centerville HS (Va.)                    2000
Christy Anch                   Broad Run HS (Va.)                     2001
Christy Anch                   Broad Run HS (Va.)                     2002
Karle Morrison                Park View HS (Va.)                     2003
Courtney Bures              Stonewall Jackson HS (Va.)       2004
Megan Elliott                  Calvert HS (Md.)                         2005
Megan Elliott                  Calvert HS (Md.)                          2006
Kerry Hickey                  Huntingtown HS (Md.)                2007

Caitlyn Delahaba            Broad Run HS (Va)                          

Melanie Mitchel         McDonough HS (Md)2009
Kourtney Salvarola      Broadneck HS (Md)2010

Kaitlyn Schmeiser           Northern HS (Md)

Lindsey Schmeiser          Northern HS (Md)2012
Jess Cummings               Northern HS (Md)2013
Meggie Dejter                 Sherwood HS (Md)2014
Nicole Stockinger            Sherwood HS (Md) 2015
Madison Aughinbaugh     St. Mary's Ryken (Md)2016



Special Dedication

Russell Norman*                                                                1989
Hall of Fame Commission Chairmen
Walter Smith*                                                               1964-1967
William Collins*                                                           1967-1975
Charles Heinbaugh                                                     1975-1979
Bernard Saffell*                                                            1979-1982
Richard Hardman*                                                       1982-1988
Nicholas Argyropoulos                                                 1988-1994
Jack Collins                                                                 1995-2010
Al Johnson


* Deceased