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Nomination Format

Please use the format below to submit biographies for candidates. A form is provided, just fill in the required information and click  "submit".

Telephone: 301-249-7988

Address: 15009 Norway Place, Bowie Md. 20716

Email: OR



City/State/Zip Code:                       Sponsored By:

Home Phone:                                 Work Phone:

Consideration As: (Player, Coach, Administrator, Sponsor, Umpire)

Photograph: (Mandatory - 8X10)


Achievement Highlights:


References: (preferably Hall of Fame Commissioners, Members, Players, Coaches or others of notoriety in fast pitch softball).

After submission is tendered, and consideration by the commission is complete, the sponsor will be invited to present any other information on behalf of the candidate, and to appear before the commission at a scheduled time and place designated, for the purpose of finalizing the nomination.

Incomplete submissions may be returned to the sponsor for clarification and/or additional information.

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